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Straighten, Flip or Curl with Starlet, the Lightweight, Compact Styling Iron
with Dual Ceramic Heaters for Maximum Professional Styling Results.


Pure Silver-Nano – A natural germicide and antibacterial to kill 99.9% of all harmful bacteria on hair, scalp and skin creating a safer, healthier environment.


Tourmaline – A healing stone that generates negative ions and healing properties that locks in moisture, sealing the cuticle and stabilizing the PH Level of the hair.


Wash Shampoo for hair and body maybe used everyday safely on every hair type, color treated or normal. Your color services will last longer and oily hair problems will be cured. Men will enjoy this fresh clean detergent free formula to help prevent early hair loss.


A thermal protectant with built-in UV protection. Apply to damp hair to protect against thermal tools, sun, salt and chlorine. Mist lightly on wet or dry hair for longer lasting style protection against all the elements by man or mother nature.


A weightless shine spray for complete shine and condition for your finished style. Reflection spray maybe used on wet or dry hair to eliminate frizz and enhance shine. Be sure to spray at least 8 inches from scalp and hair.

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So much hair, so little time! "We love what we do, especially that we are able to share our passion for hairdressing and do it all together!"



Our professional line of hair styling and haircare products was entirely designed by professional hair stylists for hair stylists... and now you.

TT7 Scissors

This 7 Inch tool is hand finished in the USA and corrugated 45 degrees backwards on the top tip only, so you never miss a strand.Off set thumb ring for ergonomic design and better comfort reduces chances of carpal tunnel syndrome.

41V Scissors

41 teeth are individually hand finished each with it’s own V design for 82 points of power. This unique design enables you to cut into any depth of hair and slide out snag free. Designed for the fastest no step taper or fade haircutting techniques.

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For organic healthy coloring or dry haircuts.

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Best Covers for Weber BBQ Grill

After the painstaking process of selecting a Weber grill to buy, now you’ve got one!

Now that you have a new Weber grill, you are probably picturing the cookouts and recipes you would like to prepare to impress your guests. But before anything else, there is one thing you must do; that is to learn how to take care of your grill to preserve its lifespan.

Weber Grill manufacturer is popular for its quality and innovative products. Moreover, their grilling systems are guaranteed to last for a lifetime. But with lack of maintenance and care support, it shortens the life of your Weber grill investment.

Exposure to moisture, rain, extensive heat, dust, dirt, and corrosive chemicals can cause tarnishing. You can protect your brand new grilling equipment from these elements by using a protective covering.

A grill cover is an essential accessory. Once you have grilling equipment, you must also get a cover to go with it. But take note; grill covers do not fit all Weber version. There is a specific cover for certain Weber product line.

Thus, to help you find the grill protection, check out these covers for your Weber BBQ grill.

Weber Spirit Cover Series II, 200 and 300

Do you have Weber Spirit gas grill series?

If you do, this high-quality cover is perfect for Weber Spirit version both older and latest models. It is also perfect for Spirit grills with side mounted burner knobs and three burners.

This cover has an official Weber Part Number 7138. You can find several companies making this type of cover. Also, some manufacturers include grilling tools in the package. You can look for these Weber cover companies at Amazon.

Weber Genesis Grill Covers Series 1000, Silver, Gold 300 and Series II

If you are Weber Genesis grill owners, below are the best covers for this product line.

1. For Two Burners Genesis- Weber 7129 cover

2. For Three Burners Genesis- Weber 7130 cover

3. For Four Burners Genesis- Weber 7131 cover

4. For Six Burners Genesis- Weber 7132 cover

On the other hand, the best cover for the older Genesis model is Silver A and B cover. But if you have a Weber Genesis with an oversized frame and side burners, consider selecting a Silver C, Gold or a 2000-5000 cover series.

Weber Charcoal Grill Covers

Weber charcoal grills come in different sizes and dimensions. Below are the ideal covers for specific Weber charcoal grill version.

1. Weber Smokey Joe (Silver and Gold)- Weber 7154 Smokey Joe cover and bag

2. Weber Jumbo- The best options for this 18.5 inches kettle grill are Weber Kettle Grill cover 18 inches polyester, Noa Store BBQ grill cover with drawstring and classic accessories 73422 by Veranda covers.

3. Weber 22.5 inches charcoal grill Performer and Platinum series- Weber 7457 premium cover.

Do you still have questions about Weber grill covers?

If you need more details regarding this accessory, find out answers here at Weber Grill Cover.

The Weber Grill Cover is your trusted partner when it comes to grill accessories. All you have to do is visit their website to find out the best grill covers and add-ons in the market this year.

What to do when your week eater wont start

You have some overgrown grass around your yard that you may want to clean up? A weed eater does great work and is very easy to use especially if you choose the best brand in the market. Unfortunately, since these machines are manmade, they are bound to fail sometimes. One of the most common malfunctions of weed eaters is failing to start at the time when you need them most. Whenever this happens, here are some of the possible causes and how you can solve them. greeneryguide.com

Fuel issues

If your weed eater is fuel powered, the first thing you should think of when it fails to start is the fuel tank. Fuel related problems are the most common issues that can make a wood eater fail to start. If the gasoline in your trimmer has been there for a long time, you should consider replacing it with fresh ones. Also, ensure that there is enough fuel in your weed trimmer for it to work correctly.

Power issues

For people using electric powered weed trimmers, it may not click into your mind right away that power issues could be the problem when it fails to start. Before you start blaming the problem on other parts of the trimmer, you should first check the power outlet of the cables. Ensure the extension cord is correctly fitted to the power outlet. If you find any faulty connections, check the fuses, the circuit, and the switch. Ensure the cables are all working properly.

The spark plug

The spark plug is another thing that may prevent your weed eater from working correctly. You should check whether the spark plug is faulty or has dirt. Also, check if the spark plug has any signs of wear or tear. Use the tester to see if it’s defective. If the spark plug is dirty, you should clean it, but if you find it defective, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Air filter blockage

If you notice that your trimmer starts then stops immediately, then the main issue could be blocked air filter. The air filter is an essential part of your weed trimmer, and you need it to supply air for your initial spark. It filters the air required to start the trimmer and keep it running. You don’t have to worry if you face such a problem because replacing your air filter is very simple. You can remove it and clean with hot water then dry it before taking it back.

The carburetor

The engine needs the carburetor to perform the starting mechanism. If it fails to work, it will be hard for you to start the weed cutter. The carburetor may malfunction if it has some fuel left in the cutter for too long. The fuel evaporates leaving a sticky residue that clogs the carburetor. This is, however, nothing worth worrying about since you only need to get rid of the dirt and the grime that may have built up around it.

Even though it can be frustrating when your weed cutter fails to start correctly, it is always nothing to worry about since these are simple problems that you can solve. Troubleshooting a weed trimmer should not take up so much of your time or money if you take necessary precautions to when using or storing it.

Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill: Reasons to Invest One

Do you like the smell and taste of charcoal-grilled-meat?

You can now grill on your own – no more expensive dinner at some fancy restaurant just to have a perfectly grilled steak – all you need is reliable charcoal grilling equipment, just like the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill.

The open cart, traditional Kettle-style charcoal grill is more than the regular grills that you can find in the market today; the level of convenience and performance is what you need for grilling equipment.


•    Product Dimension (closed lid): 43.5” H x 48” W x 30” D
•    Primary cooking area: 363 square inches
•    Total cooking area: 363 square inches
•    Designed with a glass-reinforced nylon handle
•    Manufactured with 2 locking casters
•    Manufactured with 2 durable all-weather wheels
•    Manufactured with 3 tool hooks
•    Has rust-resistant aluminum dampers
•    Designed with 2 char-basket charcoal fuel holders

To sum everything up, here are top reasons why you should consider investing Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill:

Reason #1: It is convenient

There are times that you just want to eat a good grilled steak without the need to drive to a crowded restaurant. Well, you don’t have to; all you need is high-performing grilling equipment and the right grilled steak recipe. Thankfully, there’s high-performing Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill that you can rely on when grilling a steak or any food.

Reason #2: It is bagged with so many features

Unlike any other charcoal grill, the Weber Performance Deluxe Charcoal Grill is bagged with so many features that you’ll definitely love:

•    Designed with high-performing gourmet bbq system plated steel hinged cooking grate
•    Manufactured with heavy-gauge steel charcoal grate
•    Designed with an electronic touch-n-go gas ignition system, which makes your grilling experience much easier where you do not have to put too much effort in igniting the charcoal.
•    Designed with porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
•    It has built-in lid thermometer
•    Designed as an open-cart grill and heavy-duty steel cart, which is convenient to transport.
•    There’s a lid handle with a heat shield that will cover the grill, making the grilling much faster and easier. Plus, it gives a delicious smoky smell and tastes on the grilled food.
•    Comes with tuck-away lid holder.
•    Designed with high-capacity and removable aluminum ash catcher, which makes it easier to clean. Plus, it has aluminized steel one-touch cleaning system.
•    It is designed with weather-protected charbin storage container; which means, you can leave the grill with its cover without worrying about rust.

3. It is designed with plenty of space for grilling

If you want to host a BBQ party, would it be nice to have a charcoal grill that can accommodate a bunch of steaks or burgers? Thankfully, the Performer Deluxe is designed with plenty of space for grilling and has convenient side tables, which is perfect for serving dishes and prep area. Plus, it has tool hooks that you can place your spatula or tongs.

Why purchase this type of charcoal grill? There are a lot of reasons to; in fact, this Performer Deluxe review may change your mind about charcoal grills.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest one now.

What advantages will your child gain by having a tutor in 2019

Parents choose to hire tutors for their children for many reasons. Some feel that they are not able to assist their children with schoolwork. Other parents find that their children can work through school struggles better when a tutor is helping them. Tutoring can help boost confidence, strengthen the comprehension of a subject and build critical learning skills.

Tutoring programs can also assist students to develop learning and study skills that help set them up for success in their entire life. Although private tutoring is growing in popularity every day, some parents do not understand most of the benefits of enlisting the services of a private tutor. What advantages will your child gain by having a tutor in 2019? The following is what you can expect but you can also learn more at parenting in progress.

Customized Lessons

One of the main benefits of private tutoring is that the tutor can customize the lessons to suit the student. At school, your child can be at a disadvantage if he or she needs to concentrate more on a particular aspect of the course. Private tutoring will negate this issue. Your child will benefit when the tutor adjusts the focus, pace or goals of a lesson based on his or her needs and abilities. This means that learning efficiency will be maximized. This is particularly vital for students who have learning disorders like dyspraxia or dyslexia. If your child has a learning disability, an excellent tutor will take that into account and be of great benefit to him or her. The ability and pace of children differ. Some children are quick learners while others are slow learners. If your child is a slow learner, he or she may not keep up with the pace used in a classroom setting and will, therefore, lag behind. By hiring a private tutor, your child will understand concepts better since the professional will work at his or her pace. Your child will also find it easier to ask the tutor questions.

Individualized attention

In most cases, children learn in a class of around twenty-five to thirty students. This makes it hard for teachers to provide the students with one-on-one attention. Your child may feel neglected in a class setting of this kind. A private tutor will put all his or her attention to your kid. He or she will ensure that the student understands everything. With a tutor who uses an individualized mode of teaching, the confidence of your child will also grow. The relationship between the professional and your kid will also be profound making it easy for the tutor to identify areas that your kid is facing problems in and work on them. If your child is shy, he or she will be able to express him or herself, which may not be possible in a classroom setting.

Flexibility and convenience

Hiring a private tutor is advantageous especially if you have a tight schedule and would like to be present when your child is being tutored. You can schedule the tutoring sessions at the time that is most convenient for you. The tutoring will also take place in the comfort of your home. The tutor will also keep you updated on how your kid is progressing. Children usually struggle with a specific area of the curriculum, which could be math formulas, essay writing, reading, writing or speaking a particular language among other things. With the help of a tutor, your child will overcome these problems. Private tutoring can significantly improve the academic grades of your child.

The Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal at Home

There are some people who feel they are born with too much body hair. The areas that usually concern most people are the underarms, forearms, thighs, and legs. Occasionally, some people are also bothered by excess hair on their chest and back. In the past, if people didn’t like it, they would just suffer through it. However, research and experiments have come up with effective solutions. Today, unwanted hair is temporarily removed by shaving, applying depilatory creams, or waxing. Because many people wanted a more permanent solution, another method was developed. Today, you can choose to have laser hair removal, either at home or in a specialized skin clinic.

The home treatment is the more convenient and cheaper of the two. All you have to do is get a home unit for yourself. It comes with easy instructions to follow. If you are very conscious about exposing your body to other people, this home solution will definitely appeal to you. However, it seems the home versions have certain limitations. Because there will no certified professional supervising this treatment, manufacturers have made it a point to have a lower maximum energy level of the light beam in these units as compared to the more professional units found in the clinic.

There is always that possibility that the individual will misuse the product, so they are making sure that the risk of burning the adjacent hair follicles and skin is lessened during a home laser hair removal treatment. The problem with this lower level of energy is that it may not be high enough to effectively kill your hair follicles, so you’ll probably be seeing some growth despite the treatments.

Another concern with home treatments is that a different kind of light system from the professional version is used. The latest units available use an older system that has proven to be ineffective on people with dark or tanned skin. For such people, you really have to make an appointment with a specialist clinic, where a professional skincare expert can provide you with the more advanced laser hair removal treatment.

Although you would probably prefer the home treatment for the advantages mentioned above, it seems that the professional system is still the definitive treatment if your priority is total removal of unwanted hair. Consult with a professional so you can get a better look at your options.

What, though, if you’re pregnant, and you want to get rid of unsightly hair on your body? Obviously, laser hair removal treatment will be out of the question especially since it hasn’t yet been determined what its possible effects on the fetus can be. Laser hair removal around the breast area is likewise forbidden especially if you plan to breastfeed the baby.

Nevertheless, if you really want to remove excess and unwanted hair, using hair removal cream while you’re expecting is okay. In fact, it’s the best solution to get rid of unwanted hair while you’re pregnant. The only downside is the cream may irritate your skin, doubly so since you’re pregnant. At any rate, if you want to get rid of unwanted hair while you’re heavy with a child, opt for depilatory creams. It’s your safest bet.

Cleaning the Rice Cookers the Right Way

Read your manual that comes with the cooker so that you know how to handle your cooker when it comes to cleaning. This makes you learn every step of what you should do when it comes to washing your cooker. Each cooker has a specific way of washing it so it is very important for you to read your manual.

Unplugging your rice cooker

This is the first step to remove your cooker from the electric circuit. It gives you an ample time for you to start planning on how to wash it. You cannot submerge your cooker in water while it is still in the wall. You will ruin it forever if you try to do so and you also need to clean it well without any disturbance of the electric cable.

Washing the cooker

Soaking it for a whole night in the hot dishwashing detergent will keep off the food particles. Pour out the dirty water and start cleaning it with a dishtowel. This will be easier and quick enough to handle the washing process.

Most of the food particles are removed and you will not need any scrubbing element to use. You directly use warm water and a detergent to clean. Clean also the lid removing all the oily stuff with warm water. Avoid getting water to the electric parts this ruins your cooker and you will be forced to go back to the shop for another one.

It is advisable and hygienically correct to use baking soda or vinegar as you clean. It kills off the bad odor that is brought about with closing the lid for longer time. It can also bring flies that are attracted with bad smell and this is not a good view.

Why you should clean you rice cooker the right way

Rice cookers should be cleaned immediately after use. Use your manual to get the right hints on how to clean a rice cooker the right way. Cleaning your cooker on time avoids rice sticking on your base area which takes time to remove.

Cleaning the cooker helps you to keep it in a good manner that is attractive. It also helps the cooker to last longer if you maintain it well and wash it the right way. Cleaning the interior part, the lid and the exterior part should always be your high concentration. These are the most important areas in your cooker that you should always be on your look out.

Maintaining your cooker well

After rinsing well, find a suitable area to place for it to dry off the water completely. Avoid taking it to use before it is dry it can break down as you are trying to connect it to the socket. Proper drying up of the cooker makes it to last for a long while.


Always clean your cooker using the right way and following the guide lines given from your manual. Be careful on handling it so that it can serve you for a long while without thinking of replacing another one. This innovative electric appliance is the best when it comes to cooking of rice to a delicious meal. It is specified to cook the best rice meals in the modern society.

Best graphite drawing pencils

Graphite pencils are mostly used in schools are bought in packs. They contain lead that has reflective particles hence not good for drawing. With graphite pencils it is essential to understand the various types of pencils there are out there. The following are the best graphite drawing pencils

Hard pencils are not harder to draw with. It is the graphite that is described as hard. Because it is hard, less graphite breaks away from the pencil, and a lighter line is drawn. It’s recommended to use hard graphite pencils when outlining and when shading very lightly.

The letter H designates graphite pencils. It is preceded by numbers starting from such as 0H, 1H, etc. The more the numbers, the more, the harder the pencil is. This is why a regular number 2 pencil is HB. It is a mix of soft and hard.

The letter B designates soft graphite pencils. It also has varying degrees of softness starting from 0B and up. The higher the value, the softer the pencil is. For example, a 6B pencil has softer graphite than a 3B.

Soft pencils are best used for shading. Start with the least soft pencil and work your way up to the softer pencil because of the softer the pencil, the darker the line. This is because as you press on a soft pencil, more graphite breaks away than a hard pencil.

The best way to draw is by using different pencils. You can start with an H pencil, outlining your sketch and getting the basics down. Press lightly so that the lines don’t show through. This is just to get down the correct dimensions.

Then move on to the soft pencils to begin shading. You should buy softer pencils when you need smoother shading or a darker line. Use a blending stump or your finger to blend the shading and make it look smoother.

Simple Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Managing your business is a hard thing if you are unprepared for it. It is not easy to bring success into your business, especially if you lack the needed programs useful to make your workflow smooth and efficient. SharePoint is important software that you need to integrate into your system. This will do you wonders because it will enhance your communication and data processing routines.

Since this program is intended to help you manage your workflow and augment your current system’s performance, you will find it a little bit knotty at first. If this is the case, you will need a SharePoint training given by experts. If you think that these experts are hard to find, you might want to think again. Since the introduction of the program or software, many firms or companies intended to provide you the training, as well as other skill enhancement programs come about.  All you just need to do know is to look for them online, and you are good to go. However, you have to take note that not everything you see online is authentic. You might not get the kind of assistance that you need if you fall in the wrong hands. So, be cautious.

Aside from having a good training, see to it that what you have is a well-developed program courtesy of your trusted SharePoint designer. You need to know that your company is unique. So while a generic design can swill work for you, you might not attain the efficiency that you are looking for. Because not all companies are created equal, you have to make sure that the program or software design that you have is customized to suit your company’s needs. A good designer knows that. Experts can look into the finer points of your system and organization, and they can come up with a more tailored program that can boost your productivity.

To become productive, you will need as much software or programs that you can get to speed up your processes. So, you’ll need a Telstra t-suite in this case because it gives you the chance to try out those programs that you need before you make the actual purchase.

Finally, if you want to boost your productivity, you’ll do well to invest in personal technology that will make your work processes seamless, faster, and so much easier. With a few changes on the computer you use, your keyboard, or your mouse, you’ll find that you can get more things done. For instance, a wireless keyboard takes away the time you have to spend tinkering with cables and what-not.

However, upgrading your personal technology will require time and effort. For example, if you’re thinking of upgrading to a wireless keyboard, you will need to learn how wireless keyboards work. That’s where review sites come in handy, because such sites show you the pros and cons of each type of wireless keyboard and which type or model will suit your needs best.

By investing in personal technology and productivity software, you’ll see a big improvement in your productivity. You’ll be able to accomplish more things and be more efficient in everything you’ll do.  

Facial Brush Cleaning Versus Manual Cleaning

Having our face cleaned is a vital step in a healthy skin care routine. If we don’t do this correctly, then we can expect to experience problems such as acne or severe irritations. If you are not 100% sure of the fact that what you are doing is right, then we strongly recommend you to check out this article for some very useful tips on facial skin cleaning. The subject that we would like to tackle today is facial brush cleaning versus manual cleaning. Skin care specialists and even dermatologists recommend the use of a facial brush at least once or twice a week. In the last few years, a lot of people have chosen to switch from manual cleaning to facial brush cleaning and if you are wondering why, the explanation is simple: it is more efficient. It is true that our grandparents and maybe even our parents used manual cleaning and nothing else and their skin looked great but they didn’t grow up in an environment that is as polluted and full of chemicals as the one we live in is. Modern skin care medicine has been searching for options and this is how facial brushes were developed.

What is a facial brush? Well, it is a tool which is operated by a motor. The motor does either a circular rotation or a back and forth movement; either way, facial brushes are highly effective. They basically get deep into your pores and remove all the dirt, bacteria and sebum that accumulates in them, thus thoroughly cleaning them and removing everything. By doing this, your pores won’t get clogged anymore and they will not expand, so your skin will have an overall clean and fresh aspect. If you are wondering what the main benefits of using a facial brush are, here is a short list:

  • You will get a deep cleansing of the pores.
  • You will avoid the expansion of skin pores, as they won’t get clogged by debris and oil.
  • Your skin will become firmer, so it will look younger for a longer period of time.
  • You will get rid of wrinkles and fine lines or prevent them from appearing.
  • The circulation of the blood at the face and neck level is going to be increased, which means that the cells will be better oxygenated.

Do you now understand why so many skin care specialists and dermatologists recommend facial brush cleaning in the detriment of manual cleaning? Are you now interested in at least giving it a try? If yes, then purchase a facial brush but do plenty of research before you choose one. There are dozens of good options available on the market and you will find out more about some of the best ones by visiting the official Younger Skin Guide website. This is the place where you will find detailed reviews for quality products, so check it out now and read the information that it puts at your disposal. This will help you make a wise choice.

Best Blender Brands to Invest in 2019

Are you searching for the best blender that can support your healthy lifestyle?

Eating nutritious food is one step towards wellness. However, eating raw fruits and veggies can get boring. Making smoothies and shakes is one way to flavor your diet. For sure, you would enjoy every meal with this nutritious drink.

But of course, you’ll need a blender to prepare smoothies, protein shakes or milkshakes.

Using a blender can help you achieve consistency on the texture and creaminess of a smoothie. This kitchen appliance is also versatile. A high-powered blender is useful in making a wide range of recipes from salsa, sauce, dressings, pesto, waffle or pancake mix as well as baby food.

The efficiency and functionality of this appliance is the reason why kitchen experts highly recommend this equipment.

Do you own a high-powered kitchen blender?

If none, now is the right time to invest one to support your healthy diet. Find out which blender is best for your kitchen using these comparisons of the best blenders for your money from the Prime Shop Kitchen.

Top Blenders of 2019

#1 NutriBullet 12 Piece Blender

When talking about speed and power, the NutriBullet is sure to check the boxes.

The NutriBullet is a popular brand of kitchen appliances in this industry. Their new product line of powerhouse blenders is a muscle inside the kitchen, especially the NutriBullet high-speed 12-piece blender.

So, what’s the deal with this blender?

This item is a top of the line product. Its construction meets the highest standards of kitchen appliance connoisseurs. The product highlights of NutriBullet are the following;

  • High torque power base with 600-watt motor.
  • Patented stainless-steel blade design featuring cyclonic action.
  • Durable mixing tank that is long lasting.
  • Easily pulverizes all sorts of ingredients from fruits, vegetables to nuts.

#2 Vitamix 7500

The Vitamix 7500 is another powerhouse blender. This appliance is highly-sought out for its functionality, power, and modern design.

This product is one of the Vitamix’s G-series (Next Generation) creation. This product line consists of newly improved Vitamix blenders with stronger power and speed. This design is perfect for personal, professional and commercial use.

Here are the leading features of this product.

  • Features five pre-programmable blending cycles.
  • Operates with a peak power of 2.2HP.
  • Has built-in variable speed control. The blades can operate up to 240mph.
  • Robust construction
  • Can tackle easy and heavy-duty jobs such as chopping, grinding and pulverizing hard ingredients.

#3 OXA Smart Hand Blender Set

The OXA is a type of hand blender. Some individuals prefer a hand blender for two reasons; one, it is convenient to use, and two, the device is portable.

The OXA Smart is one of the leading hand blenders in the market today. This kitchen device is popular for its modern features. Here is what you can expect from this item.

  • Comes with a 500ml food processor with a whisk attachment and 600ml beaker.
  • Has 300W motor power that can blend and pulverize different ingredients.
  • Durable shaft and blade.
  • Features a splash guard to prevent splatter while processing the ingredients.

Blenders are useful in the kitchen. If you want more info on the top seller blenders of 2019, check it out at the Prime Shop Kitchen.

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