Best Covers for Weber BBQ Grill

After the painstaking process of selecting a Weber grill to buy, now you’ve got one!

Now that you have a new Weber grill, you are probably picturing the cookouts and recipes you would like to prepare to impress your guests. But before anything else, there is one thing you must do; that is to learn how to take care of your grill to preserve its lifespan.

Weber Grill manufacturer is popular for its quality and innovative products. Moreover, their grilling systems are guaranteed to last for a lifetime. But with lack of maintenance and care support, it shortens the life of your Weber grill investment.

Exposure to moisture, rain, extensive heat, dust, dirt, and corrosive chemicals can cause tarnishing. You can protect your brand new grilling equipment from these elements by using a protective covering.

A grill cover is an essential accessory. Once you have grilling equipment, you must also get a cover to go with it. But take note; grill covers do not fit all Weber version. There is a specific cover for certain Weber product line.

Thus, to help you find the grill protection, check out these covers for your Weber BBQ grill.

Weber Spirit Cover Series II, 200 and 300

Do you have Weber Spirit gas grill series?

If you do, this high-quality cover is perfect for Weber Spirit version both older and latest models. It is also perfect for Spirit grills with side mounted burner knobs and three burners.

This cover has an official Weber Part Number 7138. You can find several companies making this type of cover. Also, some manufacturers include grilling tools in the package. You can look for these Weber cover companies at Amazon.

Weber Genesis Grill Covers Series 1000, Silver, Gold 300 and Series II

If you are Weber Genesis grill owners, below are the best covers for this product line.

1. For Two Burners Genesis- Weber 7129 cover

2. For Three Burners Genesis- Weber 7130 cover

3. For Four Burners Genesis- Weber 7131 cover

4. For Six Burners Genesis- Weber 7132 cover

On the other hand, the best cover for the older Genesis model is Silver A and B cover. But if you have a Weber Genesis with an oversized frame and side burners, consider selecting a Silver C, Gold or a 2000-5000 cover series.

Weber Charcoal Grill Covers

Weber charcoal grills come in different sizes and dimensions. Below are the ideal covers for specific Weber charcoal grill version.

1. Weber Smokey Joe (Silver and Gold)- Weber 7154 Smokey Joe cover and bag

2. Weber Jumbo- The best options for this 18.5 inches kettle grill are Weber Kettle Grill cover 18 inches polyester, Noa Store BBQ grill cover with drawstring and classic accessories 73422 by Veranda covers.

3. Weber 22.5 inches charcoal grill Performer and Platinum series- Weber 7457 premium cover.

Do you still have questions about Weber grill covers?

If you need more details regarding this accessory, find out answers here at Weber Grill Cover.

The Weber Grill Cover is your trusted partner when it comes to grill accessories. All you have to do is visit their website to find out the best grill covers and add-ons in the market this year.