Cleaning the Rice Cookers the Right Way

Read your manual that comes with the cooker so that you know how to handle your cooker when it comes to cleaning. This makes you learn every step of what you should do when it comes to washing your cooker. Each cooker has a specific way of washing it so it is very important for you to read your manual.

Unplugging your rice cooker

This is the first step to remove your cooker from the electric circuit. It gives you an ample time for you to start planning on how to wash it. You cannot submerge your cooker in water while it is still in the wall. You will ruin it forever if you try to do so and you also need to clean it well without any disturbance of the electric cable.

Washing the cooker

Soaking it for a whole night in the hot dishwashing detergent will keep off the food particles. Pour out the dirty water and start cleaning it with a dishtowel. This will be easier and quick enough to handle the washing process.

Most of the food particles are removed and you will not need any scrubbing element to use. You directly use warm water and a detergent to clean. Clean also the lid removing all the oily stuff with warm water. Avoid getting water to the electric parts this ruins your cooker and you will be forced to go back to the shop for another one.

It is advisable and hygienically correct to use baking soda or vinegar as you clean. It kills off the bad odor that is brought about with closing the lid for longer time. It can also bring flies that are attracted with bad smell and this is not a good view.

Why you should clean you rice cooker the right way

Rice cookers should be cleaned immediately after use. Use your manual to get the right hints on how to clean a rice cooker the right way. Cleaning your cooker on time avoids rice sticking on your base area which takes time to remove.

Cleaning the cooker helps you to keep it in a good manner that is attractive. It also helps the cooker to last longer if you maintain it well and wash it the right way. Cleaning the interior part, the lid and the exterior part should always be your high concentration. These are the most important areas in your cooker that you should always be on your look out.

Maintaining your cooker well

After rinsing well, find a suitable area to place for it to dry off the water completely. Avoid taking it to use before it is dry it can break down as you are trying to connect it to the socket. Proper drying up of the cooker makes it to last for a long while.


Always clean your cooker using the right way and following the guide lines given from your manual. Be careful on handling it so that it can serve you for a long while without thinking of replacing another one. This innovative electric appliance is the best when it comes to cooking of rice to a delicious meal. It is specified to cook the best rice meals in the modern society.