Important Advice to Remember about Bottle Blender Cleaning

You’ll never see a kitchen without a blender nowadays. It is one of the basic appliances of a modern home kitchen. People love this appliance for the food preparation opportunities it can offer. You can create various delicious and healthy foods using this equipment. If you are a smoothie lover or drinks protein shakes daily, this device can help to sustain your healthy lifestyle.

Though blenders are built to last for a few years, however, poor maintenance and wrong cleaning process can damage the equipment as well as shorten the lifespan of the blender. You have to take into account the proper way of cleaning a blender bottle. And, one of the most reliable sources wherein you can find detailed tips and advice about blender bottle maintenance is the Prime Shop Kitchen.

The Prime Shop Kitchen is a website that provides all the basic info you have to know when it comes to blender. If you have questions regarding this device, this source has the answers you need. Likewise, this post explains the precautions of washing blender bottles. To begin with, below are some advices about blender bottle maintenance you have to learn.

#1 Read the Instructions

If you had recently bought a blender, the first thing you have to do is read the manual and instructions of the product.

On the instruction tag, you’ll see details on how to correctly wash the device. It also tells what to do and avoid when cleaning a blender bottle; for instance, not all blenders can handle hot or warm water. Likewise, you have to remove the blades before placing on a dishwasher.

Inasmuch reading these instructions will help you preserve the product and make it last longer.

#2 Find out if the Blender Bottle is Dishwasher Safe

Take note that not all blender bottles are dishwasher-friendly. You have to read first the label if the item has this feature. Remember not to put a blender that isn’t dishwasher safe, or else you’ll damage the item.

Another tip is to read product reviews before buying a blender bottle. It helps to use your preferences as a guide in selecting the right device. You can read informative reviews through websites like the Prime Shop Kitchen.

#3 Use Solutions

There are occasions when you completely forgot to wash the blender bottle; but honestly, rancid milk or a spoiled shake is not the best smelling thing you’ll find. Aside from the stinky smell, stains are tough to remove, and it gives the bottle an off color look.

You can use a solution to remove that stubborn stain and foul smell on your blender. Examples of it are using vanilla extract and damp coffee grounds. If you want to know how to prepare these solutions, go to the Prime Shop Kitchen for Tips.

#4 Wash Every After Use

The most important advice is always to wash your blender bottle immediately after use. If you this every single time, then you’ll never experience washing a week-old protein shake or milk. Moreover, washing the blender bottle in the correct method preserves the lifespan of the item.

Do you want to check out more advice and tips about blender bottle cleaning?

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