What to do when your weed eater wont start

You have some overgrown grass around your yard that you may want to clean up? A weed eater does great work and is very easy to use especially if you choose the best brand in the market. Unfortunately, since these machines are manmade, they are bound to fail sometimes. One of the most common malfunctions of weed eaters is failing to start at the time when you need them most. Whenever this happens, here are some of the possible causes and how you can solve them. greeneryguide.com

Fuel issues

If your weed eater is fuel powered, the first thing you should think of when it fails to start is the fuel tank. Fuel related problems are the most common issues that can make a wood eater fail to start. If the gasoline in your trimmer has been there for a long time, you should consider replacing it with fresh ones. Also, ensure that there is enough fuel in your weed trimmer for it to work correctly.

Power issues

For people using electric powered weed trimmers, it may not click into your mind right away that power issues could be the problem when it fails to start. Before you start blaming the problem on other parts of the trimmer, you should first check the power outlet of the cables. Ensure the extension cord is correctly fitted to the power outlet. If you find any faulty connections, check the fuses, the circuit, and the switch. Ensure the cables are all working properly.

The spark plug

The spark plug is another thing that may prevent your weed eater from working correctly. You should check whether the spark plug is faulty or has dirt. Also, check if the spark plug has any signs of wear or tear. Use the tester to see if it’s defective. If the spark plug is dirty, you should clean it, but if you find it defective, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Air filter blockage

If you notice that your trimmer starts then stops immediately, then the main issue could be blocked air filter. The air filter is an essential part of your weed trimmer, and you need it to supply air for your initial spark. It filters the air required to start the trimmer and keep it running. You don’t have to worry if you face such a problem because replacing your air filter is very simple. You can remove it and clean with hot water then dry it before taking it back.

The carburetor

The engine needs the carburetor to perform the starting mechanism. If it fails to work, it will be hard for you to start the weed cutter. The carburetor may malfunction if it has some fuel left in the cutter for too long. The fuel evaporates leaving a sticky residue that clogs the carburetor. This is, however, nothing worth worrying about since you only need to get rid of the dirt and the grime that may have built up around it.

Even though it can be frustrating when your weed cutter fails to start correctly, it is always nothing to worry about since these are simple problems that you can solve. Troubleshooting a weed trimmer should not take up so much of your time or money if you take necessary precautions to when using or storing it.